Glass? Really?

Yes Really! Elegant Glass Mats Are  1/4” Glass That Can Hold Up To 1000 Lbs On a Flat Surface! 

Can I Put A Glass Mat On A Wood Or Tile Floor? 

Yes! We Recommend Using Clear Vinyl Non-Adhesive Discs That We Will Supply Free Of Charge! Let Us Know At Time Of Ordering If You Are Installing On A Wood Or Tile Floor. 

Will The Glass Mat Stay In Place? 

Yes, The Weight Of The Elegant Glass Mat Will Usually Be Enough To Keep It In Place. 

What Are The Shipping Charges? 

We Charge A Flat Fee Of $45.00 To Ship Anywhere In The United States

Live In The San Diego Area? We Can Deliver Anywhere In The San Diego Area For FREE!

Will The Elegant Glass Mat Wear Out Like My Plastic One Did? 

No! Elegant Glass Mats Are 1/4” Glass. They Can Virtually Last Forever If Properly Cared For. 

Do You Have A Guarantee? 

Yes! Elegant Glass Mats Come With A 10 Year Limited Warranty

Will The Glass Mat Scratch? 

Elegant Glass Mats Are Very Tough But Will Scratch If Grit Is On Your Mat And Gets Picked Up By Your Chair Wheels, We Recommend A Light Cleaning Of The Wheels Before You Begin To Enjoy Your Elegant Glass Mat.